Dynamite Coffee Co.

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Why Dynamite Coffee?

Dynamite Coffee was a freelance web project I carried out. I performed all the tasks of any regular website project from the conception to deployment. The two main goals for this site was to create a web presence for the new company and to create a digital store front where people could buy dynamite roasted beans and brand merchandise.

My Contributions

  • Met with the shop owner determing needs and setting clear goals for the project.
  • Designed a stylesheet along with wireframes for desktop, tablet, & mobile and displaying to client.
  • Developed a custom wordpress theme from the wireframe using the bootstrap framework.
  • Wrote most of the content, set up the site & online store, & delievered a site userguide.

Skills Applied

  • Needs Assesments
  • Wireframing
  • Project Management
  • HTML
  • CSS