Market Research

- Internal -

A Little Background

Little Labs Inc (my previous job) has a focus on building products for wearables, a new field with limitied knowledge of usage trends and consumer expectations. To combat this, I would research and deliver biweekly reports on specific wearables topics to keep the team updated. These market reports heavily aided in determing new opportunites for products and making informed decisions.

My Contributions

  • I Researched topics recommended by team and compile data into spreadsheets. Then formatted into digestible pieces in keynote and presented to team. Then take note of all and then send around to the team.
  • Dig into successful products and identify reasons for success along with areas for improvement.
  • Test new watch apps and shared with team. (The workout apps were a workout - HA)
  • Read daily news articles on changes in wearables and share quick summaries of the important stuff.

Skills Applied

  • Critical Thinking
  • Data Analysis
  • Organization
  • Persistence