Slots Time

- Apple Watch -

What is Slots Time?

Slots Time is the first product launched by Little Labs for Apple Watch. Slots Time is one of the most beautiful Apple Watch games created to date pushing the limits of the Apple Watch SDK creating a very interactive experience on your wrist. Unlike most other apps launched with the release of the Apple Watch, Slots Time offered a full-game experience on your wrist versus acting as an extension or an after thought.

My Contributions

  • Assembled media kit & drafted media outreach plan to recieve exposure for product and the Little Labs brand.
  • Wrote and designed the marketing onesheet.
  • Integrated Mix-panel tracking special events used to determined average user interactions with the Apple Watch.
  • QA'd latest builds using Xcode & Github. Then entered bug tickets and issues in Jira and assigned them accordingly to developers.

Skills Applied

  • Mix Panel Data
  • QA Testing
  • Adobe Id & Ps
  • Copy Writing